$75/hr We have lots of of mics, great sounding rooms and engineers who are trained and experienced in any genre of music!


$50/hr Bring in your recordings for a totally analoge mix with compressors and tube pres/EQ's.

Production/ Song Writing

Quote on price

We offer songwriting and production services and will take your song to the next level! Studio mucisians available for any genre. Beat making, film scoreing, Radio/TV commercial music, and more...

Re-Usable Earplugs

$20 Purchase a set of your very own re-usable earplugs! SAVE YOUR EARS. It's so important to have healthy hearing as a musician. These custom INEO plugs are so comfy and don't even show when your wearing them. Cuts just the bad frequencies. Wear at shows, in rehearsals, cutting the lawn, etc! Inquire today

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Rehearsal Facility Rentals

$25/hr Rent a fully equipped rehearsal room. Drum kit, guitar and bass amps, full PA, mics, DI's all included.

Facility Rental

$18/hr (annual rate - more then 52hrs per yr)Music teachers, choral groups, music producers, photographers, film makers; rent a suite designed to get your job done professionally and stress free. We offer a fully equipped room for all your musical needs. Inquire today!

Live Shows and Gigs

Based on ticket sales and venuesWe promote and present shows at least once a month. Wether its a roaring Music Festival or a local Saturday eveing pub gig, we have the equippment and skills to throw shows, promote them and make them succesful. See LIVE SOUND page

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Music Lessons


Guitar Lessons

Piano Lessons

Drum Lessons

Karaoke Style Recording

$150 per song


We offer "Karaoke Style" recording sessions. Where you can sing to a no-vocal version of your favorite song and have it professionally recorded and mixed on a CD in just a few hrs!

CD and Vinyl Duplication

Contact us for pricing! 

Equipment Rental

$10-$1000 per day


We rent gear for weddings, home recording, live recording, live shows, gigs and more...


​We setup-operate-strike shows, weddings and events. Contact us today for more info.

Birthday Parties



We can facilitate a Recording Party. Birthdays, fun occasions and gifts can turn into haveing a CD of you and some friends singing your favourite songs!


Up to 10 people at a time.

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